Video advertising, the fastest growing form of digital marketing, delivers substantially higher engagement, conversions and sales. We offer a range of video ad solutions in various ad formats for all digital platforms.

The combination of technological capabilities and expertise in monetization creates tailored solutions that achieve optimal brand exposure through more views, and higher engagement.

Get the highest revenue from your traffic with the most suitable video solutions tailored to meet your specific needs!

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Multi-screen support for delivery across devices
  • Full integration with big and premium publishers 
  • High quality in-stream ads 
  • Sky-high VTR (View Through Rate) 
  • Complete domain transparency 
  • Automated media verification

Benefits for Publishers

  • High fill rates
  • Programmatic buying & RTB
  • Top quality video content
  • Detailed analytics and real time reporting
  • Easy video player implementation 
  • On-time payments